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Volcanic soils, abounding in azote,  and tropical climate with temperatures from 15° to 25° Celsius degrees are the most suited to cultivate coffee.

After the first blossoming the plant starts to produce 700-800 grams of coffee beans every year and lasts for an average of 50 years.

Harvest time is different from one country to another and it can last for several weeks because of the different ripening times of the fruits.

To obtain a quality product the beans must be extracted in a few days from the harvest.

After harvesting, the coffee beans are cleaned, dried, shed from their protective film (debarking) and, in the end, selected by size (riddling). 

We can divide coffee in two macro families : “Coffea Arabica" - originally from Arabia, it grows at an altitude above 600 meters, give fruits of the best quality, with lengthen shape and green/light blue color, it is the most cultivated - and the “Coffea Robusta" originally from Congo basin is diffused in Africa and Asia, it grows even in plains flourishing in straitened circumstances, the beans are small and roundish and the plants give a bigger production than the Arabica ones.


To guarantee our high quality standard, we constantly check every single phase of the production, from the plantation to the cup.

The raw coffee (green) comes to the company in jute sacks trough road transport firms, directly picked up from the warehouse of the forwarding-agents, already subjected to the sanitary inspections of ochratoxins.

To ensure a high quality product, always with a pleasant taste, roasting takes place in a traditional manner, slow, for about 20 minutes, and at low temperatures, about 220°.

It is not a machine, but only the roaster’s experience (and eye) to determine when the coffee has reached the exact degree of roast. The roasted coffee is cooled only and exclusively with air so as not to affect the organoleptic properties.

The roasting of the green coffee takes place three times a week. Then every package of roasted coffee, available in various formats: 250g, 500g, 1kg and 3kg, is stocked with a proper production number.

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