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Always aiming to a very high quality of the raw coffee, our roasting can offer a complete range of blends and products for bar, vending and home. 

Before being proposed on the market, our whole production is carefully  tested and calibrated so that we can offer an extremely palatable taste that is not excessively affected by climate variations during the year.
Mokabar greatest  engagement is offering to our final customers a moment of pleasure everywhere they taste our coffee: in bars and cafés, in offices or at home.

  • BAR

    Our "Bar" line is composed by two blends of absolute quality, that keep their peculiarities from almost 40 years, except some slight adjustments.

    Both blends allow the qualified bartender to prepare a top quality espresso, with a persistent taste but never too "aggressive" for palate and stomach.


    Automatic vending machines are getting more and more important in customers' habits of consuming coffee outside home.

    In this industry, we offer our customers a unique blend of roasted coffee beans and, recently, ground coffee roasted in single-dose pods (ESE 44mm size) and plastic pods manufactured in protected atmosphere (FAP model). 

  • HOME

    To start a positive day, to end in the best way an excellent dinner, to make a pleasant gift... you can taste Mokabar coffee even at home.

    The products of our "Home" line are sold in our store based in Turin or in our customers' bars and cafés.

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